powerman 2008 , lumut

Inflame i am still. Had a good duathlon , this year was prepared for it. Run time was respectable. Bike time i know i had a good time but (referee claims i was drafting )second run leg was pretty steady too,all in 3.55, Nothing much to rave about.Knew i was a marked target and i know the decision was biased. Some half arsed referee isn't cut out to be a commissaire , even in football there is 3 warning but i WILL not talk about it.(Out of respect) Never the less , i like to say thanks for the Quick-Release team to org it nicely together with sweet desserts after the race. There was this nice lady whom cheered me up during the run was Cassandra lim 392, a very good runner whom got 1st place in her cat. cheers!

On the field alot out there wasnt happy campers. Punctured and deflated was the word.Humidity and heat combination made it harder, being HOT here aint sexy. But most most runners did fairly well. Looks like it is still in the training mode back again for me.i know what i've got to do. lets just say i know when to put the hack down in future...for powerman lumut 09

HJ + PowerGels + Gu did what it was supposed to do...did not failed me one bit.

i am spacing out. 4 days of racing and being a tour guide is zoning me out..

nites hugz...

at Saturday, November 08, 2008  


The Editor said... Wed Nov 12, 08:46:00 AM 2008  

Hope anger doesn't get spill over too much....

Vicious Cycle said... Wed Nov 12, 05:31:00 PM 2008  

Ive got a big heat sink....(you dont wanna know where i placed it)

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said... Wed Nov 12, 09:28:00 PM 2008  

pat on shoulder, chill la bro :), nvm, its OK, there's always PM 2009

Vicious Cycle said... Wed Nov 12, 09:34:00 PM 2008  

thanks but i dont need moral victory. that marshall stinks thats all... i saw them too.. but they didnt wave me. in a way i was pushing it but still they are obliged to warn. simple as that.

i know some reasons given but....i am not sold. To me i have to rest this if i wanna race again :) ahahaha

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