KL OPEN Road Race

I was pretty darn lazy to get to this morning race after powerman. i got a sms at 7.20am Tery sms: Where are you? i ignored. In ten minutes, a call rang up.

A no nonsense conversation in less that 15 seconds.

Terry: so your coming or not?
Me : its raining.
Terry: i am asking if your coming or not?
Me : Still in time right?
Terry : yup
Me : OK

i got there about 40+- strong rider comprising of MSN , Letua, P2K , and some other team which i am unfamiliar with was there.(Letua i am)

Within 1.5 km of the start the race goes 45-52kmh..for the next 19 km.Freaking fast.(just got to stay in the pack) .i am just blown away at the speed and i've lost my favourite bottle in this by hitting a port hole.

At 45 km of 94 i call it quits. pretty damm lucky i did , the next 40 isnt a nice place to be in as traffic jams and tunderstorm was just there in greeting.
With Jalan Kuching in a massive traffic jam. made a serious good call it pull out from the race in time for the last broom truck.

Mental pace of Cat-A group i must say

at Saturday, November 15, 2008  


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