Deeper underground.

TO be honest i'd rather be out the riding or doing something more churning lactate acids than to write this. last 4 months has been hell/heaven for me work,partying,eating..hectic.( lousy bosss has given me hell too. ) Sqeeezing me till i am bone dry.

Thus for fitness starting from Ground Zero again, i'd be making some adjustment back. I felt last 6 months the cycling community has plenty of trash talking going around pre and post race. Not see the "spirit" there,thus i'd be decided to go solitude being anti-competitive . It was never "one upping, 100 grams down or 10 km more"

Although I like to compete with everyone on the scene there is always a couple of riders who I like to focus my attention on. This usually begins in the early season with me saying to em notice on plans to destroy them at the coming event. This sort of trash talk never goes unanswered and it isn't long before the game of cat and mouse begins.

There are several different approaches to this game. Some like to keep their schedule close to their chests and simply let their riding do the talking. Others prefer to try to psyche out there competition, this includes commentary on training tactics, talking up big rides, weight loss and anything else you can think of that might get under your victim's skin.

but NAhh...why should i even bother..

at Friday, March 07, 2008  


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