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Its coming to an new chapter in cycling again with the "biopace" era becoming mainstream again.

With all the pro reaping it with the factual benefits

The theory is that during the power stroke, when the cranks are more or less horizontal, you are using the power of your legs to accelerate your feet, which get going quite fast in the lower gear provided for that part of the stroke. The momentum of your feet then carries the pedals through the "dead spot" when the cranks are near vertical. Since the rider doesn't push as hard during the power phase of the stroke, and motion is slower when the leg is changing direction, the non circular design is gentler on the knees than even round chainwheels.

Biopace vs Rotor: Note the time duration which biopace is longer range in the dead spot. Rotor is basically a refined biopace.

Non circular design chainwheels are particularly suitable for cyclists and time trialists with cadences of about 90 rpm and slower , or any application that involves a steady, fairly constant cadence. They allow healthy, efficient pedaling at slower cadences than is possible with round chainwheels. They are especially suitable for triathletes and mountain bikers. The triathlete benefits because the motion is a little bit closer to that of running, making the transition easier.

Ive used it. Ive raced it and Ive loved it.where can i find it.?

at Wednesday, March 19, 2008  


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