ASO vs UCI, whoever wins , riders lose.

UPDATED Looks like UCI has some claws...;_ylt=ArRhmuOWTFdtkgI4kwo5Vs5.grcF?slug=ap-uci-contador&prov=ap&type=lgns

4 months ago...while riding the word out is Astana is going to get banned.

Due to the fact of KCF owner of Astana team giving only 1 year ban for Vino's goodwill dope to TDF and the year before that Astana's Floyd Landis's case.

However thinking for this standpoint sponsors isnt directly responsible and with the re-org for anti doping structure and tighter restriction in Astana, CSC , Robobank and such. Astana should have their stand on why they should be invited.Thus ASO

(a) does not like Bruyneel; (b) can carry a grudge; (c) No healing

Association of Professional Cyclists (CPA) cant do jack shit.As nearly all pro tour team isnt goona stand behind Astana ( most unlikely )

The only wild card now is to talk to UCI,But what can UCI do ?
as TDF is out of the Protour.UCI is practically lame.

Now probable ASO stand is to let Astana to be in its 2nd ranked tours

lets see whats JB game plan..

at Thursday, February 21, 2008  


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