Presidential Ride 2007 : Post Ride Analysis

As i made the U-turn , WOw..the amount of cars which are already parked at 7am , just astonishes me..the row of cars just grows longer every year...

Went there , found a parking lot. got the bike and stuff out , uh.... where's my bottle? crap! (your just never prepared enough..being sick makes it freaking worst.)

Anyway , easily 850++ riders + gatecrashers by the side of the road waiting for the horn to blow@8.00am, well some waited further ahead to beat the crowd. And GO!!!!!!!...

man,if this is a road event everyone will take it easy thats for sure...thanks to the hole shot in off road biking ,everyone is hammering for it else get stuck in the backlog.

Stage 1
Fairly manageable , as everyone is still fresh, (yeah it aint that tough alright) but i thank the PCC M&D for not making it any worst.

Stage 2
I take back what i said about M&D @ stage 1, the sickos knows how to smile when they see us suffer..... now this aint easy even after some hard climb , the requirement to pull of some technicals manoeuvre in fluidity in these wet condition is seriously difficult. Quite number of rider were dehydrated.

stage 3
pretty much similar like stage 2 but with less single track,more pushing i think..
( huh ? izit? no meh ? ehh gimme a break , i cant remember every puddle of mud la.)but i know water melon is a good thing !!!!so is bananas... but i was pissed at few things that my bottom bracket screwed it self out... ( picture later ) thus cant hammer as much and some idiotic rider just showered himself with a full bottle of mineral water...

Stage 4
the last 14 km to break all 4 loops. not easy. in fact to make it worst are small gradual hills that turns into mountains. and ladder climbs?? ughh which's sickos idea is that?

I'd say this year is tough in terms of technical and focus. heard of plenty of crashes and falls going around stage 2 ( even stage 4 , at the resident's ditch single track!) Gonna catch some rest.

10 min clip of stage 2

Thanks again to the PCC community for this excellent event.

Post Ride Checkup:

Post ride check up:Right BB screwed out.. :) had to tighten it back with fingers.

Broke brand New Profile plastic water bottle.

and my missing cateye Enduro...

at Monday, November 19, 2007  


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