POWERMAN 2007 : it was the DOG'S Du Du , alright.,

MAn, why can't i say..." no excuses " for my bad performance in this powerman. i can today and i admit it is a lack of preparation and i deserve it.

Went there with Reza,Carrie , Gibs took a drive down with the all the stupid roadblock due to the BERSIH protest.

Went there saw the usual suspects. registered for the timing chip. Ate some excellent Ikan bakar... massive attack with " Feast of fury "on the dishes. Fried squids balls as big as bull's bollocks.

Didnt really hang around much except to get the essential items, everyone stayed in a different hotel except for Andy ,Su , Karen and Chad hanged there for a while..cracked some joke before the pain comes..

Race days

started sharp at 7.30 , ready as the rush comes. settle into my pace. didnt really bother about those fast runners. cruise to my pace. didnt make much ground in transition. estimated 58 mins or so... maybe 1 hour...

when i reached back , head for the bike. start whopping some ass on the bike. cut many many nice looing bike... the freaking aero helmet works wonders ! its silent and its just so peaceful in there and it feels fast too... heck yeah 38-40 kmh... untill the the 30th km my knee gave way...it hurt soo bad. every 12- 8 'o'clock crank stroke hurt like pulling my leg apart. seriously wanted to pull out of the race.

i cant even fucking pedal... it went to bad to worst. cramps set in, no salt. lack of water. seriously in no mood to even look at anyone.. lowered my kmh to 28-32.... reach back about 2 hour.

now the last leg.. i swear the pain is still in my head as i am writing this . with my knee injury ( I can manage cramps ) but fuck i cant manage my knee's going under the hammer. i walked and walked ... everyone and i mean everyone jogged passed me. my advantage of 15+- mins just walked away.

i wasnt amused at all... with people asking are YOU OK? i retort back NO. i just walked...
tried brisk walking but i got nuthing left. i walk again. tried jogging again , shouted" fuck " instead. Well there is a nice guy with NO.109 whom said "come'er mate walk with me"
Sure, hi Name's Bernard. he went i'm Bernard too..he lighten me up abit..cracked a few jokes...

fast forward....

One thing i dont appreciate is " stepping on someone when he or she is down " so if anyone out there whom thinks its alright... i'd wish you to " go ahead and fuck yourself and be happy "

Finished my run in 1 hr 40. its the dog shit alright.

sigh... yeah i am pissed. i need therapy. knee therapy.

congrats to all whom had a good time out there..

i'd lo0ok forward to Presidential ride. hopefully my knee will do okay. then i wont be pissed..

nite again.

at Monday, November 12, 2007  


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