Powerman lumut 2007, Du it , YEAH DU IT.... right here.. yeah Du it...right there..

its fucking 1.30 am on a friday nite....went to collect come gears from the editor.
Could not make it WABisabi in ttdi but oh well, perhaps its a blessing.Got the loot ready,got everything in place.. ( fuck , forgot the towel.) hmmm i think tooth paste too..awhh. think tomorrow la..

in 3 hours time i'll note of few pcc cyclist going for 200 clicks to lumut.... amazing people those bunch..brave.i wish i could give them a medal. i think i'll honour them when i eat my lunch,sending good energy to them.

Got pissed off with a "Friend" of mine. stating me in my "gay tri " outfit.Well i seriously think some girl in KL are "pretty" dumb.i better not see her nor her wimpy guy friend pick up cycling. I'd make sure I'd bring him/her 100 clicks out. See em squirm in hell. wither in pain. dumb shit. the reason malaysia is soo backward is due to the laziness of this country and why lazy coz they ate too much yesterday.
thus complaining " owwhh i am getting fat..." i'd better take up rpm in my local gym without turning up the dial when the beats goes higher.sorry i just cant understand runnning or cycling in the gym while watching discovery chanel.

" when the scene is out there , instead of in there"

sigh, i'll stop here..

okay back to the context of DU'ing it.

Expectation???? no expecation.

i do my thing , you do urs.okay?


nite. see ya at the Party...

at Saturday, November 10, 2007  


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