The Top 10 Ways to tell a difference between Power Bar from a Dog Turd

I look at powerbar when i rip it off it , reminds me of my dog's turd. let's compare.

Power Bars cost 8 rm . Dog turds are free.
Power Bars have shiny wrappers. Dog turds don't.
A fly will eat a dog turd. I've never seen a fly eat a Power Bar.
Dog turds get slippery when wet.
Power Bars come in 5 delicious flavors. Dog turds only come in 1.
Power Bars hold their shape in a jersey pocket much better than dog turds.
You won't find a Power Bar sitting on the ground in the park.
Dog turds are made of naturally occurring substances.
Dog turds are biodegradeable.
You don't get a dog turd in the December issue of

at Friday, December 05, 2008  


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